Frequently Asked Questions

First things first

Wishflag gives you latest updates about wishes in your social network, your ongoing gift organizations, participations and upcoming birthdays.

Your personal detail page provides you with all of your wishes conveniently sorted into corresponding wish lists. Reach it all by clicking your name in the upper right corner.

Organize and share your wish lists. Our group organization function will minimize your administration efforts and will save you valuable time.

In addition Wishflag keeps a history of everything you organize for friends.

Your friends can access all wishes in your public wish lists. If gift making is a little to expensive for one, others can be invited to join and together great gifts become true.

Wishflag provides three key add-ons: Wish lists, group gift making and reminder function of upcoming events such as birthdays and weddings.

Last but not least a neat history of all gifts you organize with your friends.

Wishflag is free of charge for our users. We finance this site via a purely success driven cooperation with our partner shops.

By the way, Wishflag does not earn anything from money transfers between users.

Wishflag proposes you choose your social network as login to find your friends' wishes easily. Automatically showing your friends and all of their wishes is only possible with login via your social network.

Wishes in detail

All things you would like to receive as gifts qualify as wishes. Regardless of their origin, online or in brick and mortar stores. At Wishflag you can also wish for a journey or you can raise an amount of money. Press the “+ ” sign and enter your wish into the Amazon search field.

Alternatively you can manually add any article from any shop and you can even type in non shop related wishes.

Wish lists group your wishes by topics you choose. Events, children, birthdays or restricted access lists for your partner. Additionally you can create wish proposal lists for others, accessible for yourself only to make your own administration a bit easier. And of course, wish lists do not expire.

All friends in your social network, you can however limit access for each wish list on your details page. As of start we have set up a public list for you that is accessible for your friends and a private list for items only you can see.

Sure, you can enter wish proposals for your friends. These proposals are accessible only by yourself, to facilitate your gift administration.

Just enter a wish of $500 for your honeymoon journey. Place a price per person of e.g. $20 and request a quantity of 25. Done!

Sure, click on your name in the upper right corner and you will reach your details page. This page contains all your wishes in the respective wish list and further below all your gift organizations.

Questions about gift organizations

You can organize a gift with friends and you can participate as giver in your friends gift organizations if they invite you. Wishflag provides the platform to choose gifts from your friends wishes and will handle all communication and feedback from the invited givers.

Wishflag will also calculate the effective share resulting from all feedback from your friends. Once the requested amount has been reached, the responsible organizer can buy the gift with the link the gift recipient provides. Once the organizer confirms the gift purchase, all givers transfer their share directly to the organizer.

During the process Wishflag provides the organizational platform only and is not involved in the payment process between organizer and befriended givers. The organizer can finish the organization process once all payments are received. Outstanding contributions can be marked.

Once the gift organization is finished, Wishflag removes the wish from the recipient's wish list and informs all givers on their overview panel.

Only the organizer can see and change (e.g. cash receipt) contributions. Givers can only see if others are contributing, the amount however remains secret, as we believe gift making is about the joy of giving, not about comparing contributions.

You have to finalize your gift organization to indicate that you have made a gift come true. Only once closed – and only once the event date has passed – we will show your gift organization to the recipient.

Once finalized, it is no longer possible to make changes to the gift organization.

Please be aware that any non-finalized gift organizations will be erased 4 weeks after the event date has passed.

Wishflag allows you to flag outstanding payments. This flag is visible for all givers of the gift organization and politely reminds affected friends of their duties.

Wishflag expects that with a growing number of invites, there is usually a certain number of negative repsonses. If all invited givers join the gift organization, your effective share will be lower than the expected share.

Start with a new gift organization. Once organizational details are done, you can choose recipient and givers via the horizontal scroll bar. On each friend's picture there are two buttons to allow you to choose the required role.

Wishflag will ask you in the next process step if friends shall be informed of your organization. And of course later on we will update them about important changes and about their duties to pay their share of the gift to you.

Sure, Wishflag informs all invited friends about your organization. Wishflag will actually ask you if you move back in the process if newly added givers should receive emails as well. If you do change the gift though, all givers will receive an email asking them to confirm their new expected shares.

You can add your bank account information in the “Finance data” section. Once added, your friends can then see your bank account information when asked to settle their contributions with you.

We will also introduce additional payment functions to Wishflag soon, so stay tuned.

During ongoing gift organizations the contained wish is blocked. No one else who uses Wishflag can turn this wish into a gift.

Just remember please: Once done with the organization you have to finish it, otherwise the contained wish will again become available for friends.


Please remember, Wishflag works best if you connect with your friends via your social network.

On a single case basis, you can use the friends “+” function to add friends with their emails and to invite them to group gifts.

Once your friend enters Wishflag, he adds your email you use with your Wishflag log in (you find it under preferences) and you see each others wishes.

In case your friend does not want to join, we have a working page that allows for gift participation without being logged in, just try it.

Friendships change over time. We provide you here with three actions to deal with any development:

  1. Hide friends,
  2. block friends
  3. and delete friends.
This is how it works:

Hide friends:
A friend and all his relevant information are now longer shown, while your information for him remains untouched. Nothing changes for your friend, he continues to see your wishes.You can change your opinion at any time via unhiding your friend.

Block friends:
Similar to hiding friends with one significant change. A blocked friend can no longer see your wishes. You are still friends of course and can see his wishes, unless he has blocked you as well.

Delete friends:
A difficult step to take, yet necessary sometimes. All connections to and wish proposals for your friend are erased. You may delete only friends, who were added via Wishflag. We cannot delete friends in your social network.

Additional questions that may arise

We don't believe in manipulating our friends, thats why. There are enough sites in the Internet providing system generated gift proposals.

Wishflag though provides users with clear functionality free from adds and behaviour analyses and we want to keep it that way!

Wishflag adjusts all your friends wishes from around the world into your local currency, so don't worry about friends abroad. You can adjust your own currency in your preferences. And just for the record, all exchange rates are updated on a daily basis.

Wishflag is optimized for standard Internet browsers and for mobile devices alike. Just visit us, all information will respond to upright and landscape format.

Your data connection with Wishflag is secured via a HTTPS protocol. The data you enter can be changed only by yourself and your friends if you choose the appropriate accesses to your wish lists.

Wishflag saves all your personal data in secured databases. Wishflag will not pass on any personal information to third parties.

Send us an email to .

Business related questions

Login with a standard account first. In the preferences pop up you will find a section "dealer".

Populate all fields in this section, once done you will see a dollar bill next to your name in the header of the site, indicating registry is complete.

Wishflag provides APIs for online shops and QR codes for brick and mortar stores. You can find additional information in our B2B introduction section.

Signed gifts that use our API are charged with a commission of 4% of product value starting with the third signed gift per month or once monthly signed gifts exceed Euro 200,-.

So you will pay only as of the third gift that is organized at Wishflag or once your overall monthly product value realized in gifts exceeds Euro 200,-, whichever happens first. Let's take a look at some examples:

  • 2 signed gifts per month with an overall value of 180 = No provision
  • 1 signed gift per month with a value of 280 Euro = Provision of 280 * 0,04
  • 3 signed gifts per month with an overall value of 140 Euro = Provision 140 * 0,04
  • 2 signed gifts in month 1 with an overall value of Euro 190 and 1 signed gift of 120 Euro in month 2 = No provision

And by the way there is no risk involved, except cancellation of your account at Wishflag if you are not happy with our products.

Please enter the domain you would like to use for Wishflag. Your individual API access data is shown in the upper right corner.

Once done please follow the intructions to embed your button and QR code. We advise you contact your IT admin for this process.

The faster customers can store your product in their wish lists the better. Time is crucial when it comes to winning a customer or getting access to a group of friends as potential customers.

Our products also reduce your customers efforts of getting a correct product description. Each button and QR code holds product specific details such as pricing, size, color and more.

Send us an email to .