About us

What is Wishflag?

Wishflag provides a platform to organize wishes and gifts free of charge across platforms and retailers. The platform design allows to organize gifts with friends, better than any wish list at home and accessible for all your friends.

Your surprise is guaranteed, you will not know who makes your wishes come true until you receive your gift.

Why do it?

We founded Wishflag to finally bring an end to unwelcome gifts and other unnecessary souvenirs. Organizing gifts together is fun and makes wishes come true one cannot fulfill alone.

Who are we?

We are two old friends and have founded Wishflag with the experience in mind of often not knowing what to give to our friends. That's why we built a free of charge platform for friends that makes wishes come true.

Where are we heading?

We work hard to improve our service, so let us know in case you have recommendations.
To reach our goal we ask ourselves everyday how to implement better and more functional solutions for our friends.

Please write to , in case you have questions or recommendations about our Internet site.

We are looking forward to your feedback and will discuss your opinion in our team to make sure Wishflag makes all your wishes come true!